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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chapter 33 - First Floor Landing, Spa Window, Kutsunugi-ishi (Shoe removing Stone)

March 13 - 15th 2012

The Shoe Stone is quite strange.  It’s a little stone platform set into a small area that is then covered with sand.  I have never actually seen one so I have no idea what the true usage is.  It seems to be more used at the actual entrance of a house (not at an inside door entrance) and traditionally is surrounded by larger stones, not sand.  Technically, this is where you’d remove your shoes.  But I figured anyone entering the house would have already taken off their shoes downstairs in the vestibule. 

The Spa window was quick work except that it came out a bit darker than the surrounding woodwork.  I’ll have to sand it down a bit when I get around to making the shōji.  The inside sills were difficult to glue in because of the doors - even if my hands are quite small. 

Again here I had to make the “hardwood” flooring for the landing.  I do not enjoy this very much as I have to measure out each “board” 5mm from the last.  Still, the final effect is very convincing.  This flooring came out a little darker but I figure it’s ok considering that it would technically be less traveled.
You can see the small Kusunugi-ishi stone outside the door.

I also played around with one of the printables.  I found a bunch of little lanterns and printed and glued one.  Pretty cute actually.  I’m hoping I can put a small LED light inside these around the house.
Little printable lantern.

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