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Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter 32 - Ground Floor Awnings, Overhang to Spa Window, Kitchen Shōji

March 9 - 12th 2012

The overhang to the Spa back windows fit without extra sanding or other real work so I managed to make quick work of that installation.  I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do with the back of the house.  I don’t really think it’s been projected to be seen at 360° so I’m probably just going to figure out a way to to build up tall garden plants that can be seen thru the windows.  I’m actually thinking about pulling out the white rice paper windows in the vestibule area so you can see thru to the back of the garden.  But that’ll be later when I finally have a place to mount the house on.

The ground floor awnings were time consuming since every little shingle had to be made by hand.  But the final rustic effect is really quite nice! I decided not to trim the front edge since I like that country rustic look.  I think the little white accents make the difference too.  Lots of extra shingles so will save them for other applications.  The Spa changing room roof was a tough fit because it was so bowed but gluing and leaving it overnite seems to have fixed that problem.
Million little shingles....

The shōji for the kitchen - basically a sort of additional white shade - I really didn’t like.  I would have preferred a clear window and I am still undecided.  I tried to print a little design on an acetate sheet but it wasn’t for inkjet - but did end up being transferable to the white rice paper.  So, for now, I’ve added that in. 
Shoji with little plant in the kitchen window.

I found a site which sells actual books in miniature! It’s pretty cool.  Not all are small scale and the one I was interested in, The Titanic, was a larger scale (1:12) but I figure I can use it as a table book and put it in the vestibule on the desk or upstairs in one of the rooms.  I was interested since they had done this tiny edition for the 100th anniversary of the sinking.  I figured for my house, could be like the 50th year anniversary :-)
These books are amazing! They are fully printed inside and the Titanic one even has a fold out of the ship.  My work colleague bought two - one of Van Gogh and the other of Monet’s works.  They are really nice and have me thinking on purchasing more later on.  Or if they perhaps make Japanese history or art books too....will have to check.
100th Anniversary Titanic Book

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