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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chapter 34 - Back Wall to First Floor Landing, The TV

March 16 - 18th 2012

I was looking forward to doing this chapter because there was the TV in it.  The inclusion of a television pretty much helped me date the house.  I figure by the looks of the TV, it must have been end of the 50’s beginning 60’s.  So of course I went looking for tv shows which would look good on the mini screen. 

I found a few cartoons but of all my fav was of course Godzilla.  I doubt he was probably on TV back then in Japan (they probably shot films more than TV shows) but I couldn’t resist including him in the house. 

The construction of the TV was a pain.  The pieces were much too large and needed heavy sanding which just distorts the final look.  But given that the TV is sort of inside a cabinet, it’s passable.

The back wall was straight forward and again shows off the warping in the landing floor.  But hopefully glue will rectify any nasty and obvious bowing.

I also managed to find a site which sells LED lights! I am excited because up till now I had only done some lighting for Gianluca’s train set and that required us running thru the DC transformer.  Instead, this american site actually sells LEDs which can be hooked up to a small 9 volt battery! Very cool!  I am going to order some as it seems that even with the postage to Italy, they still cost less than what Italian miniature companies are going to hit you with. 

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