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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chapter 35 - Stairs From Ground Level, Shōji to the Spa Changing room

March 19 - 20th 2012

I decided to switch the shōji from the kitchen over to the Spa changing room just because it made more sense to have that one covered with the rice paper and the one in the kitchen left with a transparent window.  So that’s what I did.  Only even this shōji required more sanding to fit. 
At least now you can see my plant in the window.

The stairs went together without any hitches really but will see once we actually have to fit them into the house.  That’s the next chapter and I am looking forward to seeing the stairs finally in the house.
Close to a third of the way thru.....

I finished the first of three full boxes of materials for the house.  It doesn’t mean I’m a third of the way thru but the fact that I’ve managed to empty one box in the short time I’ve been working on the house is pretty nice.  I have read that some people have taken up to 3 years to make the build.  I suppose you never actually “finish” a dollshouse but I hope that it’s not going to take me three years just to get the damn thing built. 

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