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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chapter 30 - The Tokonoma of the Left hand First Floor Room

With smelly branch....
March 5 - 8th 2012

I started by whittling a small branch that I had found (recently they pruned all the trees on my street so I was able to find some good sized branches) to be used instead of the regular wooden dowel-like piece they furnished.  Smelt like crap - must be the wood type which had a nasty smell. Anyway, this will be the base for the tokonoma - basically a small dias area separated by a vertical element.

The wooden branch needed to be whittled down even further for fitting, varnished, glued and left overnite.  Which wasn’t a problem since the other sections of the dias needed glueing in a position which required it to dry in place before adding more pieces.  As usual, the tiny pieces that made up the shelving doors were a pain.  They never quite fit the insert (which was covered in beige paper) and had to be coaxed in.  In any case, the worst part was trying to fit the actual shelving into the wall section.  It was too wide.  So creative clamping again and it worked out the best it could.  Things as usual are a little off but we’ll have to correct them once I fit the ceiling piece in.
Finished Room with shelving and now not so smelly branch.

I was reading ahead a bit (I know, not a good idea) and was unpleasantly surprised to find that there is no explanation for the futon bedding for the bedroom.  Also, I noted that out of the remaining rooms, only one has been labeled as a bedroom while the other 3 are entertainment areas.  I’ve decided to go with two bedroom and two entertainment areas.  But still, now I have to make futons....whatever.  But...that means, I’m going to have to buy some kimono material!! Have to hit Ebay me thinks.

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