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Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 29 - The Ceiling to the Spa, The Inside Walls of the First Floor Room

March 3 - 5th 2012

The internal decorations for the room were pretty straight forward except that most needed sanding to fit.  Especially piece n.13 which was off by a good 3mm.  So I had to sand it down and then create another indent where the decorative slat would slide in.  But it seems pretty well fitted.  The final placement of the tatami was a challenge.  The pieces fit very tightly and consequently the front section (piece n. 14) had to be glued in again and clamped down for the nite.  The other problem seems to be that the fabric trimming on the tatami won’t stay down.  I tried the bi-adhesive tape, then regular glue and finally super UHU glue.  That seemed to do the trick.
Finished Spa room, with buckets and stools.
Ceiling detail.

The ceiling to the spa was pretty easy except as usual to fit everything perfectly seems to be impossible.  The ceiling detail was very nice actually but I feel it’ll be lost in the installation.  I decided to glue the small wall to the house as I can’t see taking it in and out during normal display so it’s been glued in.  I think the spa is quite successful. 

I purchased some small vases from a shop in Florence.  She doesn’t have much in the right scale but these vases were so pretty and so delicate! I just had to have them in my vestibule entrance area. 
You can see the tiny red glass vase.  So special!!

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