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Friday, March 9, 2012

Chapter 31 - Wooden Overhang to First Floor Room, Table, Vestibule Wainscotting

March 8 - 9th 2012

This was a small chapter.  The table was very straight forward and easy.  Painted it black and glossed it up to simulate a kind of lacquered look. 
Table on the left and the few pieces for this chapter.

The roof piece needed some painting and warped out a bit during that.  Some of the wood pieces are more sanded and exposed on one side than the other which causes warping as the paint dries.  Still, it’ll be somewhat internal so not so visible.

Finishing up the portico finally.  The two panels of wainscotting were easily attached and it is complete.  The actual roof portion will be attached much later when the actual first floor is attached. 

Slightly enlarged bambo pattern.

In the meantime, I did some searching and finally found my printable page.  This site has lots of useful stuff for all different scales.  I was using it for making Gianluca’s train set up and couldn’t locate it again.  I finally stumbled upon it last nite while looking for some kind of solution for the futon quilts I’m going to have to design.  Anyway, this site not only had printable quilt design (one in perfect green for the bamboo bedroom I’m going to do) but lots of really good tips.  One was for printing on transfers then ironing the transfer onto cotton then using that for simulating a quilt.  So, today I purchased some inkjet transfer paper and am going to give it a try! The quilt is half scale so I can make it a little bigger and that should do great for the futon quilt.  Now I won’t have to go on a search for actual kimono material (although I would have liked that too).

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