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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chapter 14 - The Tatami for the Vestibule, Internal Wall of the Spa, Small Chairs

February 10 - 11th 2012

Well the tatatmi mats were interesting to put together.  Lots of bi-adhesive tape did the trick but still, next ones I’ll do a little better.  The kit came with actual tatami mat which needed to be cut to size.  They gave you a little guide piece to facilitate the spacing and applying the black borders (which are fabric). 

The little wall to the spa was pretty easy - the final fitting will tell me if it’s done ok or not.  Just fitting in little bamboo pieces on one side in a random manner then more paneling on the other side. 

Made two little legless chairs and their pillows.  The pillows were put together with just bi-adhesive tape and a few threads to give it a little character.  I think they are cute.
You can see the spa bamboo wall on the left.

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