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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter 8 - Entrance Area of Vestibule and Small Stool

Separated out the pieces and made the little stool right away.  This will go into the spa area eventually and I know there are lots of them so I figured I’d try to see how fast it goes together.  Pretty fast but again, sanding and cleaning to make it look nice.  I’ll just varnish these without color.
Squashing down the floor...

The vestibule floor is basically the same procedure as the kitchen floor measuring out and drawing lines.  It helps a lot to have the little ruler that spaces things out in increments for me.  The hardest bit was getting the larger part of the floor to lay flat.  I had to dry it overnite as it wouldn’t quite stay flat - used a few books n such to keep it down.  But it came out fine in the end.  Glad it’s the last “hard wood” floor for now.

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