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Friday, February 17, 2012

Chapter 17 - The Spa Pool and Completion of Left Wall

February 16 - 17th 2012

Decoupage for the mural was runny but fine.  The look of the mural came out nicely - slightly transparent and looking sufficiently wilted in a humid environment.

Managed to brace the left wall and leave overnite for drying along with the Hokusai mural.  The next morning the whole thing seemed pretty solid.  I added the last bits to decorate the outside and reclamped it down for the afternoon.

The green pool looks really nice actually...
I was able to install the underwater rocks (after adding greys and brown hues to the rocks the nite before) and painted the pool a green color - reminded me of green pools of garden water.  The instructions said the plastic water sheet should be tinged white but I like the transparent look to the pool.  You can see the rock underneath and the green color.  Fitting the rock floor was a bit tricky as it was not perfectly aligned.  But after some trimming and working it thru, it fit fine.  I transferred a piece that decorated the lower right wall (under the faucet stone wall) to the front to hide the fact that the stone floor was cut a bit too close.  Since you can barely see under the faucet wall, it makes no difference.

Adding the trim around the pool was pretty easy and the rest of the pieces including the bamboo water faucet and false water flow look great once they are installed.

I am very pleased at the outcome, especially with my Hokusai mural ! Just fab!

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