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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter 26 - Floor and Back Wall of Left-hand Room of First Floor, Changing Room Shelves

February 27 - 28th 2012
Everything in bits and pieces....
The changing room shelves pretty straight forward altho the internal shelving pieces were not perfectly slotted.  They’re still more than passable once completed.  In the meantime, I screwed around with the drummel tool and found it had a tiny drill bit.  So I used that to drill the holes to attach the spa changing room and it worked much better.  Only stripped one screw.  And it fits enough to look fine to me.

Even if I was tempted to install the spa roof, I held off.  I figured I’d just create confusion for myself if I went out of order.  Sometimes there is a reason for installing things in the order they say and since I have no experience in building a dollhouse, better to stick to the instructions.

I decided to use a green like the original house plan.  These pieces again are slightly warped but will try and work with them the way they are.  The fun thing was I decided to stencil some leaf design on the wall (like a Japanese Maple Leaf) and I had the leaf design from my niece Laura’s wedding favor.  I had two of them so I have saved one for a souvenir and the other I cut to make the stencil - immortalizing her wedding in the dollhouse.  Pretty cool...
Stencil from the favor box.

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