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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter 23 - The Spa Changing Room, External Wainscotting, The Geta

February 22 - 23rd 2012

Painting and waiting.  But matching up all the pieces to the Spa room was pretty impossibile.  The pieces were so warped that now they are proving hard to match up.  Major glueing involved and clamping them down.  I think I’m going to have to sand most of the top of this extension down to fit the room section and be sure the next floor is level.  What a pain.

Then I attacked the Geta shoes.  These little shoes made for walking on surfaces with water (or snow).  WTF.  Nothing like the explanation would be remotely possible. 

After screwing around with these stupid things, I figured the best way to go would be thru simple glue glue glue.  They look great but need drying time.  Figured out a trick by clamping them and glueing the small cords onto the geta that worked well enough.  What a total BS that was.  But I must say, I think it’ll look great in the spa.

Yeah, right.
The Geta and the Spa Extension
This was the first chapter that I felt totally without desire and totally frustrated! Thank goodness the ground floor is nearly done!

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