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Friday, February 17, 2012

Chapter 16 - The Spa Window with Grate, The Spa Curtain and Left Wall of the Spa

February 13 - 16th 2012

Mega warping ! Aaarggh!
The left wall piece 6 was completely warped out.  I had to wet one side and weigh it down overnite in an attempt to flatten it out.  It didn’t work.  I trip to the local hobby store and a new forked vice was applied.  By the next day, it was somewhat better allowing me to paint and then put on the decorative wooden slats.  It was still pretty warped so I had to adjust some of the fitted areas to the back to slot into the back wall of the spa.

Working on the window slats (parts 1 & 2) is a bit long since using scissors to cut the pieces to size sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and since I didn’t have extra bits of piece type 1, I couldn’t risk splitting the wood.  So I used the exactor knife and just made multiple cuts till the pieces split away.  Time consuming.  But in the end, it came out fab.  The sliding slats make such a nice effect.  Now I really want to light up the back of the house so you can have “sunlight” coming thru the slats when they’re open.  The windows didn’t exactly fit securely but I am hoping in a future chapter there will be some kind of covering supports over the top of the sills to keep the windows from popping out when opening and closing the slats.  If there isn’t then I’ll invent something.

In the meantime, I downloaded a pic of one of Hokusai’s “36 Views of Mt Fuji” opting for my favorite “The Big Wave”.  I’m going to eventually decoupage this onto the left spa wall in the next chapter but I figured I’d print it off now to be sure the ink is dry for this job.

It took me an extra day between drying and retrying to unwarp the left spa wall plus one night I couldn’t work on the house as I was out for dinner.  I missed not being able to work on it.  It’s very satisfying and calming.
Improved somewhat warping...

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