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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chapter 22 - The Flooring and Left Wall of the Spa, Kitchen Window

February 21st 2012
Left is the Spa extension - right is the finished window to the kitchen

The last few chapters have gone very quickly because they are similar but also because most of the time is spent painting walls and just glueing things up and letting them dry.  This one was not different. 

Lots of clamping tho as these walls were very warped.  Did the best I could.  Once I get the roof on the spa extension, things should straighten out a bit more. 

Showing here two little baskets that my work colleague and another lover of all things miniature picked up for me in a shop in Milan.  They are a bit big but they should be fine for the kitchen and are so cute ! Will probably paint them with a little gloss just to protect them.


  1. Replies
    1. Kinda prision-like, no? Creepy. I think I have to add a small white paper screen over it later but I'm contemplating doing that or not. Pretty cool the view inside...