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Friday, February 17, 2012

Chapter 15 - Back Wall of The Spa, Buckets

February 11 - 13th 2012

Each little tiny bucket needed two rounds of tiny wire to go around it.  That was annoying and time consuming.  But I did manage it after grabbing my jewelry pliers etc. so twisting the wire was easier.  They did include a little cutter but not pliers.  Anyway, rather quick work of anything when you have the right tools.
Back Wall and teeny tiny buckets

The back wall was great till we had to apply the top sill over the windows.  Again, the pieces were a bit off so some sanding etc got them as close as possible.  I had to leave stuff overnite to dry simply because the next day would see the mounting of the back spa wall with the other walls from the vestibule.  Given the difficulty there, I was in no rush to get to that.

The next morning, I managed to clamp in the back wall and left that all day to dry.  That evening, glueing in the final pieces was a breeze - altho again, they don’t all match up due to small changes in the wall spaces from previous glueing.  In any case, the panelling is what takes the longest but the effect is quite nice.  I have some ideas now for the final left hand wall of the spa....

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