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Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 9 - Sliding Door to the Kitchen, Left Wall and Shelving

Started off by painting the remaining wall white since I knew it would need time to dry. I then proceeded to do the sliding doors also because I figured they’d need extensive glueing and drying time.  Then to painting the wall pieces brown as also those would need more time drying.

Putting together the walls was no big problem except that once we had to put them onto the kitchen floor (already painted and ready for assembly) the right back wall just wasn’t going to match up.  So, I had to resort to my usual weighing down with books.  This caused the left back wall to ease away so I had to also use my vices and elastics to keep that from coming away under the glueing.  Better to leave stuff like this overnite to insure a good adhesive of the pieces. 

The sliding doors were easy.  Apart from the fact that I slightly modified (without wanting to) the doors but it looks fine just the same.  I used bi-adhesive tape instead of glue for the kitchen sliding doors since the instructions suggested this in case we want to remove the doors in future - but I don’t see why.  But I did discover that the tape was quite strong and almost easier to apply than any glue.  It’s instant and pretty strong even if it’s not permanent. 
View thru the back kitchen sliding door.

I must say I was pretty excited when I finally finished all the pieces in the kitchen.  Some sanding was necessary to make the dias fit it but not that’s it’s so visible.  The back kitchen door doesn’t quite close (but the pieces are definately in place) but I’m not so concerned because I am applying some signage like "no entrance" to make it more realistic. I’m very pleased.

And the final piece was the shelving for the kitchen which was super easy.  Now I just have to find some food stuffs to add to it. Hopefully I’m going here in a few weeks and will do some miniature shopping....
The finished shelf and cupboard to the kitchen

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