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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chapter 24 - Sliding Doors to the Changing Room, The Ceiling, the Scale

February 23 - 24th 2012

The Scale was the easiest so I put that together first.  Just a little paint and gloss and it looks really quite nice.

The rest of the changing room was pretty straight forward except for the fact that the pieces were warped etc etc etc.  What I ended up doing was sanding down the top as I figured I’d have to and cutting the trim to fit.  The most amazing thing was that the ceiling piece fit in amazingly well considering how far off the outside wall is. 

At this point, I screwed in the hinges.  I figured it’d be better now than when the sliding doors went in.  Thank goodness I did it because the screws are so small and I cannot find a screwdriver that fits them accordingly.  The kit came with a little hand drill so I’ve actually started drilling in far enough so the screw should go in a little easier.  Easier said than done.  I may have to resort to an electric drill to be sure that the screws don’t get stripped during installation.  The kit came with a little screwdriver setup but I cannot figure out how it works.  Unable to locate the instructions on how to use it too (unlike the little drill and other tools that they explain how they work).  I ended up leaving the attachment to the house for last...

The sliding doors were the usual fair.  Time for glueing and painting and waiting for stuff to dry again...ho hum.  The inside grates of course were too long and hand sanding or power sanding was out of the question.  So, I used the wire cutters and trimmed off the bottoms.  Worked perfectly!  The grates in any case were still too large for the windows and the plastic for the windows was slightly small.  But it all turned out in the end.
The top left side looks pretty good compared to the foto from the previous post.

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