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Monday, February 20, 2012

Chapter 19 - The Front Part of the Kitchen and Little Stools for the Spa

February 18 - 19th 2012

I started by painting the kitchen floor, then as I went to start to put together the rest of the walls, I realised that the chapter 19 and 21 had been mislabeled (by me).  Good thing is that Chapter 21 is the same front area but for the spa so the floor is the same.  So, at this point, I have two chapters going at the same time.  Whatever.

After painting the inner and outer walls and staining the wooden embellishments, I put together the little stools.  There are ten of them.  They are tiny tiny and need some sanding too.  Only way to put these together is with the tweezer tool.  I’m amazed I was able to do it considering how much my hands tremble still.  I realise too how much of my manual dexterity I have lost.  I think that is why I continue to try to do tiny work things.  I think it helps to stimulate the nerves and keep me functioning still at a certain level.

The walls and wooden pieces fit in no problem at all for this section.  I quickly painted the stone floor to match up with the other section of the kitchen.  I’ve decided to put the stove here (and perhaps the sink too) so will dirty up with some black and brown etc. once this section is completed and installed.

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