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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter 25 - The Tatami for the First Floor Room, Sink for the Kitchen

February 25 - 26th 2012

I started straight off with the kitchen sink.  Figured it’d be easier.  Well, it was till I got to the insertion of the faucet.  The hole was soo much smaller I had to really ream it out.  The paint wasn’t quite dried but I wasn’t too concerned because keeping in theme with a beat up used kitchen, the porcelain sink would be beat up too.  I added a little brown staining around the drain and the back stop.  Looks pretty filthy.

I tried out Fimo today too.  That was an adventure.  I really have no idea how to use this stuff and have seen instructions on the internet and that’s about it.  I did mange to get my gas oven low enough to cook some “tomatoes” and a small plant vase.  I had looked into plants in small scale and they were so expensive I figured I’d have to make my own.  So I bought some plastic plants for fish aquariums - much cheaper.  After making my Fimo plant vase, I stuck a few pieces in the pot.  I think it looks pretty cute sitting in the kitchen window.
First attempt with Fimo...not bad really.
I think the plant looks pretty cute

Working on the tatami, which I guess is the floor of the next room that we are working on, I opened the bag and it was full of dried mold.  The tatami was pretty covered with it.  So I had to use these sheets and not the leftover from the other tatami construction because I was afraid there would be some color differences.  Even if the construction was pretty basic, these damn things are time consuming and believe it or not, back-breaking.  And with all that was not a pleasure. 

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