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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chapter 20 - Right Hand Wall of the Kitchen Extension, Kitchen Credenza

February 19 2012

This section marks the 20th Installment! Only 100 more to go ! Wow. Can’t believe that I started only a month ago (January 17th).  It is quite quick so far in terms of construction.  Hope it keeps up this way.

I put the final wall piece on the kitchen extension after painting etc and it fit just fine.  The area between the kitchen flooring looks great!
The floor between the kitchen extension and the kitchen.
I'm going to leave it open to fit some plates and platters.

I put together half the credenza and while it was drying, I decided to attack the attachment of the kitchen extension to the house.  True, it was something for the next chapter but I just felt like doing it.

Turned out to be pretty difficult only because getting the wood screws in was harder than it looked.  There was no where to get a good grip on the whole house to have some leverage so I had to Ask Lu for some help.  He held the house while I got the screws started.  I stripped a few simply because they are so small and it’s pretty hard to get in a good position but they luckily supplied some extra screws (at least I hope they are extras! and not to be used in future hinge installment!)

Anyway, a little gloss and paint and the credenza looks used and abused as it should.  Still deciding where this one should go.

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